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Krakow Dance Theatre has been working as an association since 2008. It was founded on the initiative of Eryk Makohon and is one of the most active contemporary dance groups in Krakow and Poland. Currently it is co-created by the artistic tandem Eryk Makohon and Paweł Łyskawa and Magdalena Skowron, a dancer who permanently cooperates with the Theatre. The leaders of the Theatre invite independent dancers to artistic projects. 

Dozens of events presenting and popularizing contemporary dance and related arts have been realized under the name of KDT. For many years, the Theatre has developed three basic pillars of its activity: artistic, educational and impressionist. Recently, it has also become increasingly involved in supporting independent dancers. 

Krakow Dance Theatre holds about 30 performances, stage, street and site-specific. It is difficult to clearly define the aesthetics of the Theatre. Due to the architectonic education of its creator, critics emphasize the frequent use of images, the plasticity of performances, built with light and architecture of body and movement as a distinguishing feature. Krakow Dance Theatre regularly participates in the most important artistic events and festivals in Poland and Europe. KDT has collaborated with choreographers and educators from Poland and abroad (including Idan Cohen, Ayrin Ersoz, Ole Meland, Idan Porges, Anna Konjetzky, Manuel Ronda, Natalia Iwaniec). Krakow Dance Theatre is a multiple winner of the main awards at the Tyskie Theatre Meetings. It was also selected as a representative of Poland at the Biennale of Young Artists of Europe and Mediterranean Countries in the field of performing arts in Bari. In 2018, the show "WE|YOU" was awarded as one of the five best independent theatre productions in the "THE BEST OFF" competition. In the current edition of the same competition, "Takarazuka camp" is competing for the title of the best performance, which was qualified for the final stage. 

For many years Krakow Dance Theatre has been trying to build a permanent place to support and present Polish contemporary dance artists. Lack of access to its own stage has led the Theatre to seek and strengthen partnerships with Krakow and national institutions, including the Tadeusz Kantor Art Documentation Centre Cricoteka, a partner of many initiatives undertaken by the Theatre in recent years.          

The Krakow Dance Theatre provides permanent dance education for amateurs and professionals. The majority of its projects are based on the education of the audience. This aspect plays a leading role in the mission of the Association.  

In recent years, the Theatre has organised or co-organised, among others, the educational programme for graduates of European art colleges "Young Dance Talents" (in cooperation with Central Europe Dance Theatre, Dance Conservatory of Eva Jaczova in Bratislava, Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague), "No words! - an educational project addressed to students of Krakow's high schools, "Col-lab" - a project for young dancers from Poland and Hungary. With the support of the Institute of Music and Dance, three international performances of the Krakow Dance Theatre have been produced in recent years, with the participation of Polish, Israeli, German and Turkish artists. The theatre has also implemented programs of dance presentations in various cities in Poland, including Eryk Makohon's „WE|YOU" tour of small cultural centers in Małopolska and neighboring provinces.  

As part of its permanent educational activity, the Theatre leads groups of Adepts. Currently the Theatre is teaching and training about 130 dancers (professional and amateur). International workshops with the participation of teachers from all over the world are regularly organized. The Krakow Dance Theatre is becoming an increasingly recognizable artistic brand, cooperating with many institutions in Krakow, Poland and abroad and undertaking more and more interesting artistic and educational initiatives.