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Education conducted by the Krakow Dance Theatre takes place on several levels. 

Within the permanent groups of Adepts, working regularly at five levels (beginner groups with experience 1A and 1B, intermediate groups 2A, 2A+ and 2B and advanced group 3)

The workshops on contemporary dance and related techniques (among the permanent workshop series are organized all year round: Postcard with dancers - summer dance workshops, March and August workshops with Natalia Iwanc).    

The three-month practical contemporary dance START  Course which is addressed to people without experience in dance.

As part of the OPS! program addressed to graduates of the Faculty of Dance Theatre, who work artistically in Krakow and Lesser Poland region.    

Moreover, KTT implements numerous projects in the field of education and animation, addressed to a wide audience (in various age groups). Details can be found in the PROJECTS section.

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