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KDT Adepts' Groups are groups of regular participants gathered around Krakow Dance Theatre, interested in a continuous, systematic process, involving the development of the language of movement expression. The key issues of this work include the exploration of the meaning of the body as a medium, subject and object of art. Understanding of the essence of the body-mind, embodied knowledge, the development of stage presence, physical truth and expression, and the search for relations between form and organicity.

The training process takes place mainly through constant, regular practice in the form of movement classes, in which the simultaneous shaping of the possibilities and consciousness of the body and the ability to use the mental impulse of action, "liberating" concentration and close body-mind relationship are of great importance.

The main movement "language" is contemporary dance in its broadest sense, referring to such aesthetics, techniques and movement codes as modern dance, classical dance, Polish contemporary dance technique, physical dance, release, improvisation and others.

The key principles of the Adepts' work are programmatic and laboratory nature of the process in which uncompromising emphasis is placed on regularity, also self-analysis, individual stimulation of progression. Another important factors are hygiene of the dancer's work, punctuality and deepening of concentration. Lessons, although they generally constitute separate wholes, constitute a programmed developmental path. It is not possible/not allowed to use such a composed program selectively. Hence the closed character of permanent groups with a minimal rotation of participants and the educational process spread over specific levels of advancement.

The permanent teachers of the Adepts are Eryk Makohon, Paweł Łyskawa and Magdalena Skowron. Classes are held in six permanent groups, in the studio of the Krakow Dance Theatre, 69 Grzegórzecka Street (next to the Variete Theatre).

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