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Direction and choreography: Eryk Makohon

Scenography and costumes: Eryk Makohonvisage: Ewa Skiczeń - Citko  

Cast: Kesja Rózga, Agnieszka Skorut, Magdalena Skowron, Paweł Łyskawa, Renata Bobel, Anna Ferenc, Dobrochna Sobek, Magda Targosz, Katarzyna Augustyn, Sylwia Chrząszcz, Agata Czyż, Olga Kalarus, Monika Kareł, Amelia Letniowska, Agnieszka Rajca  

Producer: Krakow Dance Theatre Association 

The premiere of the resumption: 16 June 2019 

The prerformance is inspired by japanese theatre - popular female revue - Takarazuka, working in a city of the same name since almost a hundred years. The specificity and originality of the theatre, in which all roles, both male and female, are performed by women, have become a starting point for reflection on gender theatricality, the construction of gender in culture and stereotypical view on gender in society. The candidates for the actresses of Takarazuka study for two years in special school, preparing to play both male and female characters. They study kata, the correct grammatical forms of each gender, the behaviors, gestures, mimics. For the creators of the performance the interesting subject is playing women characters by the women. Takarazuka theatre seems to perfectly confirm Simone de Beauvoir's thesis: "we are not born women - we become them”.

"In "Takarazuka camp" we bring together cultures and creatively transform the theme. The features of the Far East culture are transferred to the Polish ground (...) at the meeting point of two different cultures, a third one can be created, containing new values (...) the performance proves how inspiring Japanese culture can be with all its diversity, a high level of creation of the presented world or a play in constructing the cultural gender".

(Małgorzata Wielgosz, Theatrical games between femininity and masculinity inspired by the Japanese Takarazuka revue [in:] Inspiring and inspired. Japanese subculture, edited by Adrianna Wosińska)

Takarazuka Camp

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