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OPS! program is designed by KDT to gather the graduates of the Faculty of Dance Theatre of the Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow. Chosen in the open call, the participants work actively in the field of art and are determined to undertake creative, organizational and educational initiatives. 

Latin <ops> means, among other things, <help>, <power> and <force>. 

The OPS! aims to stimulate the development of Polish contemporary dance by supporting the potential of young artists - graduates of the Faculty of Dance Theatre. Maintaining and improving their qualifications and skills and stimulating further development in terms of both performance and creativity. Supporting the development of the audience of contemporary dance and theatre by creating a "platform for the exchange of experience" between the professional and amateur contemporary dance community in Poland.

The moment of graduation and entering the area of professional career on the one hand constitutes a dynamic and potentially creative turning point, on the other hand, it poses challenges and limitations, determined by an unformalized and unstructured dance market in Poland. In this field the institutional model represents only a narrow range of activities. A much larger area is occupied by the forms of activity of a freelance artists.  Entering this area is often limited by shortcomings in such basic issues as access to a dance studio, limited possibilities of permanent movement practice (necessary to maintain the physical training of the performer), lack of promotional or organizational support in the activities undertaken. The role of the Krakow Dance Theatre within the OPS! programme is to create these conditions. The activation of artists at the beginning of their professional careers will stimulate not only the artists themselves. The clash of activities of professionals and amateurs will stimulate and develop actively the environment of the audience of dance theatre and dance art in general. The space created by OPS! is to serve both the realization of own /professional / individual projects of people gathered around OPS! and the local community by activating young artists for missionary work in projects with amateurs, seniors, young people and children.  Activities under the Program will not be reduced to an artistic dimension only, but will also enter the social space (e.g. stimulating the potential of local communities, building social bonds, creating equal opportunities). Therefore, apart from artistic aspirations, the OPS is to stimulate the participatory character of the activities of the Krakow Dance Theatre, expand the cultural offer of the city of Krakow, increase the audience and the group of recipients of the art of dance in Krakow.

Under the OPS! Krakow Dance Theatre provides:

- access to permanent lessons within the KDT studio 

- the possibility to participate in workshops organised by the KDT

- free access to the KDT studio in order to implement their own artistic and educational projects

- organisational and promotional support (financial support is also possible) for undertaken artistic projects

- support in creating grant applications and raising funds

- a programme to develop methodological skills  

- possibility of cooperation within the framework of educational and artistic projects realized by the Cracow Dance Theatre

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